New Sugoi Resistor booties

Well, I guess I'm a bonafide fred if I get excited about new bike booties. My current pair of Sugoi Resistor booties were finally getting worn & torn after about four years of good use. I looked around and decided to just go with what I know so I used my REI gift card and picked up a new pair of the Resistors.

There are a few changes from the older ones. The zipper pull appears to be better built; I hope the zipper itself is a little better, the old pair had become very difficult to zip up towards the end of their life (but again, consider that they were four years old and saw a lot of use during the winter months, which go from about October until freaking June some years here in the Pacific Northwest…)

My old pair were size L but I always had difficulty pulling them on and the required stretching may have shortened their life so I decided to step up to XL with the new pair.

Now, these booties won't keep your feet entirely dry during a deluge, but they will help to keep the wind off and any rain that gets inside isn't too bad, especially when I'm wearing wool socks (which would be every time I ride in the rain).

A friend of mine also passed on this tip: coat the bottom two cordura patches with Shoe-Goo before you start wearing them, this will help help prevent wear and tear at those two points.