Superglue saved my Tufos

After the Dalles Mtn 60 the other weekend, I was cleaning my bike and inspecting the tires. I noticed a blister on my front tire, looks like something slashed the sidewall pretty good. I only had about 1500 miles on the tires. The tread otherwise looked really good and I didn't want to toss an otherwise perfectly good tubular.


Pretty good sidewall cut

I first moved the tire so the blister was at the bottom and if any glue dripped it wouldn't get on the rim. With the tire still pumped up to operating pressure I then got out the superglue and globbed it on the blister. I then opened the valve and let the air out until the blister pulled back in. I left enough air pressure in so that everything was still held in place.


A little hard to tell but it's definitely not as herniated

I pumped the tire up to operating pressure the next morning and checked the wound. There was a slight bulge but it looks like everything is being held in OK. That was about 300 miles ago and it's still working.

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