Tygh Valley century

Kevin cooked up this ride. It starts in Tygh Valley, down to the Deschutes River, up to Grass Valley and Shaniko and then on to Maupin, back to Tygh Valley.

The scenery was just stunning. The Deschutes River was running pretty strong:



Lots of gorgeous scenery (note lack of trees...):


At the first rest stop there were a bunch of old classics for sale. We noticed this odd fellow:


It looks like it was modified to carry people in a parade(?)

I like the little island in this pond:


I dub this continent 'Kenlandia'

On the way back we were treated to a good view of Mt. Hood, all frosty white with a good coat of new snow:


Even though I was just about freezing all day long, I still wound up with a sunburn on my thighs...

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