Hills, Headwinds, and Wild Turkey

Not quite a century, just a very scenic ride. We saw a wild turkey cross the road! It was the first time I had ever been up to Rowena Crest, the road was great. Not a drop of rain. I didn't push it too hard since I knew I had a century ahead of me the next day.

We started off from Hood River, out through Mosier to The Dalles. We stocked up on water and then headed East, then back into The Dalles. From there we took the MUP to the Rowena curves. The curves were a real good climb, never too steep but plenty long.
There was some pretty scenery along the way too.

The Columbia River from Rowena Crest

The Columbia River, looking East from Rowena Crest.

iconic shot from Rowena Crest

An iconic shot of the Rowena curves.


A fixer-upper

spooky tree

A spooky tree.


I shall call this island 'kenlandia!'


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